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    Using HEAT Development Project

    JPatte Apprentice



      Recently I have been having issues with the Development Project function.  When I assign the project and make updates the transactions appear in the Default project.  I have repeated this when making updates to the front end (foe ex, making a change to a request offering).  If I make changes on the back end (Configure Application) the transaction are in the proper project.  However, no matter where I made changes prior to this issue they would always appear in the project selected.  Either way I can move transactions from the Default project to another and assign to a package then apply to UAT but it gets complicated when working on multiple projects.


      Is this a known issue or have you or anyone else reported?




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          AnthonyDowns Specialist

          Is this only happening when you make changes to service request?


          As far as I know, some changes on the front end, i.e. request offerings do not get added to the project. There is a separate option for pushing those changes in the OPS console. I haven't tested this yet to see how exactly it works but I'm guessing it just replaces your request offerings with the source.


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            JPatte Apprentice

            I have version 2016.1.1 and don't believe I have those options but it is not an issue of applying the package, It is an issue with the transactions not applying to custom project.  For ex, If I make a change while Project A (custom project) is selected, the transactions are applied to the Default project.  Once I move the transactions to Project A from the Default project and assigning a package it is applied to UAT successfully.