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    Change Workflow / Form integration

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      I'm hoping you can help with an issue I currently have.


      Our Change Management form at the moment has a "Post Implementation Review" tab which appears when a change is at the implemented status.


      I'm building a separate workflow for Standard change that pushes the change through various statuses however it keeps failing at the implemented status due to the mandatory fields under the PIR tab.


      The issue being that the error is occurring because the mandatory fields have to be field out before the change is saved at "Implementation", however the workflow is automatically pushing it to that status. On our currently workflow, the status have to be changed manually however I'm trying to get away from that as the workflow should be dynamic.


      What I was thinking (and please suggest a better workaround if you have it), is that upon the implementation task (a child object when the change is at "Approved") is closed, a pop up box would appear giving all the mandatory questions in the PIR tab, this could be filled out and then the change moved to Implementation.


      However I do not know how to do this.


      Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, I've included a screenshot of the current workflow, and if anything I've said doesn't make sense please do reach out and I'll clarify!


      Many thanks