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    Teams - Regional/sub-teams

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Onward with our Incident/SR rollout!


      We have many regionally dispersed teams that will handle Incidents/Service Requests for local offices:


      Technology Support

      General Services

      Digital Services

      Document Processing



      While I am in San Francisco, my team from an organizational perspective is: Technology Support. My location is San Francisco.


      I am part of Technology Support, but a sub-team Technology Support - SF in terms of assignment notifications and support.


      We have 15 locations. If we make up regional teams for all of the combination the OwnerTeam list will be very long indeed! If you are at the end of the office list there will be a lot of scrolling or typing during the assignment process.


      Has anyone tackled such a situation?


      For OwnerTeam would an additional selection box for location make sense for the teams  with sub-locations that then further refines the possible Owners?

      - Owners = Filtering of Team + Location


      Struggling with how to make this mirror our hierarchy. Open to your creative suggestions and solutions.


      Thanks - Mark.