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    Service and Categories

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      Me again!


      I am struggling on this one.


      I found the Pick list for Services and Categories, but I can't seem to link them.


      Here is what I am trying to do.


      We have a new Cyber Security team

      I found the Service List



      Then I found we have a spot called Category of Category?  So I added the one Category he asked for - Malware



      Then I started searching on how to link the 2.  I found we have this custom pick list - MLSE Actual subcategory by Service and Category...


      And this is where I am stuck.


      When I open the title I have this property value

      mlse actual 1.png

      If I open the Values I have the following

      mlse actual 2.png

      In the values, if I press Add I can see the Cyber Security Service, but not the Malware Category


      add 1.png


      If I leave Service blank, I can see the Category

      add 2.png


      It is probably staring me in the face, but I can't seem to find how to link these together.

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          You may have jumped right to the end and forgot to look at the middleman in this case, category.

          When you see to validations like that, its usually due to multi level validation constraints. In this case, it's Service >> Category >> Sub-Category.


          If you examine the picklist for category, you will see it's actually using a relationship for the constraint.


          Going to category, and relationships, you can see Rev2, linked to Ci.Service


          If you find that relationship in the layout of CI.Service, you can see it is a tab in Ci.Service.




          So if you want to edit/add categories for a Service, it's done via the 'Service Desk Category' tab on Ci.Service.

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            Much appreciated!