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    team name change causes problems in current service offering templates and in process template workflows

    CBehr Rookie

      We have had an issue back in Thanksgiving week of 2017. Our IT organization when through a reorg, and some team names changed.

      I waited until a slow time just in case there were issues, and boy were there issues.

      1. already in process SR workflows from Service Catalog service offerings where the team name was changed, didn't go to the new team name but instead dropped the connection to the team and picked the first team name in the list "accounting" and we don't have that module, so that team isn't even being used.

      2. the change was not reversible.

      3. the over 60 workflows in process with misnamed teams just hung on any tasks with misnamed teams. With no obvious recovery options.

      4. When replacing workflows with newly built workflows from Stg and UAT, any hung up tasks sent a failure error because the old version of the Request Offering was in "design" mode. I had to bring back the non functional workflows to stop the error. Had to make production editable to make edits right in the workflows in production.


      I thought I raised a ticket for this, but I don't see it listed on my tickets.


      Anyone know how to change teams where it has minimal impact on workflows tasks?


      Recently we had a IT position reclass which prompted another reorg, yaye.

      Right now we are guessing the best process is to create new teams. and let the old teams fall off over time.

      Anyone have experience with this issue?

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          SusanJS Specialist

          This has always been an issue for our organization as well.  It seem that every few months, some team has some excuse as to why their team name needs to change.

          Ideally, Service Manager should always reference teams via the RecId so that when the display name changes, it really doesn't matter, but it's not setup that way from the get go.

          As it currently stands, any time a team name has to change, I prefer them to start fresh with a new name and retire the old name. I still need to need to comb through every object that potentially has a quick action or workflow that the team uses and update them manually. Ugh!


          If anyone else has a better method, I would love to hear it!