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    Search - Field selection list - Show Display Name instead of Field Name?

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Happy Valentine's Day!


      We are working on Incident to transfer off old HEAT Classic. A popular feature was the ability to right-click on a field and run a Simple Search. This did not require a user to know the field name.


      Now we will use the general Search/Find dialog. However, this lists fields names by the actual name of the field in the database.


      1) Is there a way to change this listing to show the display names of the fields?

      - Asking people to know that "Customer Name" is actually "ProfileFullName" and to look under "P" is a lot to ask :-/


      2) How about a way to only show fields that would actually mean something to end users?

      - I'd rather hide "ProfileLink_Category" and only show people what they absolutely need to see.


      Search dialog.bmp