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    Problem Management Implementation Questions

    Pitmac1 Apprentice

      Hey ServiceDesk Pals,


      Can someone point me to some Problem Management articles and some insight on how y'all have implemented this module in ServiceDesk?  (Just getting started).


      My goal is to create a list of Problem Reports to present to each team/group based on the amount of similar incidents we receive from our Help Desk.

      In my environment all incidents are created and assigned from the Help Desk, so I'm wondering if the Help Desk would be the only ones to create a problem based on what they see each day? If they see a pattern they can submit a problem... But of course I assume any Analyst could create a problem I suppose.


      Then the other side of that equation is who will monitor the problems, I assume Team Leads or Management.


      My idea as for now is to tie in problem management with incidents first, then roll out "create a problem" without an incident later.


      Maybe I'm creating more work for myself. Just thought I should post my questions here and perhaps i'll help someone else.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Not sure what you mean when you say tie in with Incidents first?


          Problem Management = Recurrent Incident (over time) in my “book” but not to be confused with multiple incidents logged for a single recurrence ie Major Incident.  I’ve seen customers attempt to create a Problem for every Incident raised at that just “blows my mind” as to why they feel the need to do that and the overheads implied.  So to capture “reoccurrence” means monitoring Incident queues and creating Problems only where reoccurrence is either observed or certain.


          So 30 users logging an Incident to say email is down is a Major Incident.


          One user logging an Incident to say the email server crashes and reboots every weekend is a Problem. It’ll make you laugh but I had this with a customer and Problem root cause was the cleaner unplugging the server every weekend to plug in their vacuum cleaner for a short while. 



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