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    Add new Object to My Item

    ALandl Apprentice



      I have created a completely new object called "ColleagueRelationCase". I have set this up so that it has related objects like how CI is configured out of the box. I have successfully been able to implement functionality so that My Item records are created corresponding to this object.


      My problem is that I am struggling to create form offerings. Below is the error I am getting:



      I have tried two different layouts. One that I have created, and one that was auto-generated. What am I missing?


      The second question I have is: What determines which objects show in the "Business Object" drop-down in the above image? It might be useful if I could specify the object to be one of the sub-objects of ColleagueRelationCase.


      I am running version 2015.2.2


      Thanks in advance,