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    Video resolution modes

    RobLent Specialist

      Is it possible to get the Inventory scanner to determine the resolution used on each monitor connected to an endpoint?


      I can see a resolution object under Video but this just seems to return the default or recommended resolution for the adapter.


      I can see multiple monitors listed connected to a device but there is not a resolution for each monitor.


      I am guessing this can't be done but thought I would ask anyway.

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          Hi robLent,


          It might not be possible natively, but you may be able to pull that from the registry. I've had to force certain resolution settings in the registry before, so it stands to reason that such settings may also be present in the registry as well.


          If you can locate those, you can add them as a custom item and pull it into inventory. And you could use Data analytics to associate the setting with the given adapter output, if you can find a common point between the registry data and the inventory data that already exists.

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            RobLent Specialist

            Hi Ryan,


            That could be worth a go.


            Thanks for the pointer.

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              FWIW, it looks like the following registry key contains configuration info for each adapter:




              Below are some screenshots for my computer, which has 2 monitors connected to a single discrete video card. It also has other video card entries for integrated graphics and virtual gpu's for other stuff. You can see which values are vertical and horizontal, and some others like scaling, the refresh rate info, rotation mode, etc. Might help you map things over.




              Here's how things look in inventory:




              So you can see how the Vendor Id and Serial Number correspond to the registry entry, which seems to be vendor id + (some info, seems to be model number) + serial number, and then other data, and then a "+" sign since it's 2 monitors. I presume for 3 or 4, you'd have it strung together in a longer name.



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                RobLent Specialist

                Thanks again.


                I had just found those registry entries myself.


                Thanks for the detailed reply.

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                  I would also take a look at the Win32_VideoController wmi class. It looks like it's in an easier to handle format, and it has the resolution data you're looking for. But, it doesn't split that information out per monitor, just per adapter.