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    Survey Notification Email

    DWhite1 Rookie

      I have made edits to the survey we want sent out but I'm not able to find the email to edit. 


      I'm looking under Business Object -- Incident -- Business Rules -- Triggered Actions

      • I seed a Send Survey upon Incident Closure which is actually turned off but people have submitted surveys.  When I click on to edit I can see the email but the subject line there isn't the same as the email that was forwarded to me (so I'm not sure this is the correct notification).
      • The help files have me look under Editing and Calculation Rules but I'm not seeing anything about surveys under this heading.


      I will also need for this to be set up correctly under Service Requests as well.  Like I mentioned the emails about the surveys are being sent out but I can't find the right location to edit the emails.


      We've been using the system for about a month now lol and trying to find everything is a task!



      Daniel White