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    Import employee data

    bsorensen Apprentice

      I reached out to support and got a quick answer that didn't really provide details.


      Our connection to AD was not setup to pull in the Managers name for the Employees.  With us getting ready to launch Self Service and Service Requests, I need this field to be populated.  Support helped us get an update into the connection, which gives me this information going forward, but.... I have no way of doing a 1 time force update to pull this for all Active Employees.


      The suggestion was to do a new import of records.


      Here is where I am stuck.


      Do i make a new csv and import it? how do I do this?  I can't seem to find any good tutorials. I will want to test this in my staging environment first as well.  What happens to any current Employee Records? does it just update them?



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          bsorensen Apprentice

          After trial and error I think I have found how to do this.


          I'm sure it is documented somewhere, but here is what i did



          1. opened configure application

          2. expanded Integration Tools

          3. opened Data Import Connections

          4. Created a new Manual file upload


          I pointed this to my excel csv file and then followed the Wizard instructions.