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    Disappearing Mapped Drives (Citrix) 10.1 FR3 HF1

    Roger1 Specialist

      Upgraded to 10.1 FR3 - Agents, configs, server upgraded. Drives are randomly not mapping or are disconnecting mid-session.  There have been no config changes - we wanted to do agents first (halt and test) then move on to configs. 


      Provisioned Citrix XenApp environment - The config uses the older unmap drive action first followed by a map drive action.  The map drive action (in the 10.1 config) includes the "Override existing drive mapping" checked.  I realize this removes the need for the unmap drive action but am curious if the two actions with this checked is causing the problem.  The user group condition has Evaluate Once Per Session checked.  Lastly, this is hung off of the Pre-Desktop trigger so the drives are mapped as temporary - No other triggers touch drive mappings.  


      I do have a support case open as well since this is affecting production.  I'll be moving everything back to an old VBS logon script that we know works. 


      Curious if anyone has seen this or has any ideas.  AppSense drive mappings worked fine with EM 8.6.  Large confidence loss at the moment decorated with a huge black eye. 

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          Roger1 Specialist

          EM advanced settings > Mid-Session config changes was set to immediate rather than at logon.  I am very confident this is root cause of the problem but since this section is not logged, I don't know how/why/when it changed.



          After digging into my old configs, I found where I forgot to set my mid-session changes to 'At Logon' in Feb. 2016.  It's been set to 'Immediate' this entire time without any reported issues.  There must be something with how 10.1 FR3 HF1 handles drive mappings coupled with the immediate selection or it did not like the way my 8.6 config did a (best practice) Unmap first and then Map (which added the checked Override option after I upgraded it).  It is important to note that in addition to missing drives for some users at inital logon others were losing all their mapped drives mid-session and there were no updated configs deployed at the time they lost the mappings.  One thing that did occur automatically after the config upgrade --> OverrideIcaSessionConnectTriggers was changed to True.  Lastly, I am not using any session triggers. 


          If I get some time, I'm going to do some more testing but this is looking more like a bug than configuration problem.  HF2 addresses some disappearing items issue Support Hotfix EM 10.1 FR3 Agent HF2 but seems unrelated to my problem. 


          My recommendation is to never use a mid-session change option of 'Immediate' in a prod environment.  I was aware of this best practice when I enabled the sub-triggers but simply overlooked it.  Hopefully, this can save someone else some pain before a 10.1 upgrade. 


          OverrideICA... change:


          No session triggers:

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            Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

            9710 audit event in the AMC?

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              Roger1 Specialist

              Wasn't monitoring that one.  Got it now.  I have no idea how that mid-session option got changed.  I'd never change it to immediate for prod. 

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                Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

                Default for a config that was upgraded from 8.4 is immediate. Don't have change tracking enabled???

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                  Roger1 Specialist

                  Ahh yes I remember that now.  I upgraded from EM 8.6.  I do have change tracking enabled but those three radio buttons (immediate, at logon, at startup) don't log anything.  Was the first place I started head hunting when I saw it.