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    Specific user data export from one site to another (different schemas)

    Zach.Hurlburt Apprentice

      We have our current production site which is at version 10.0 with a database schema of 10.0.5.  Our new data center is running the latest FR4 suite, with a database schema of 10.1.153.


      We are moving a subset of users to our new site, so a database restore from 10.0 to FR4 will be fine, but as we add more users, I don't want to just keep restoring, basically wiping any changes from the users we initially moved to the new site.


      I opened a support case asking this question and they had mentioned that I could use the EMPMigrate from the Environment Manager, but once I asked if I needed to use the EMPMigrate from the new site (FR4) as opposed to the old site (10.0) they basically stated that the databases have to be at the same version (schema).


      Is this the case?  Are there any SQL scripts that would accomplish this task?  I know one option is to dump everything to native locations then use profile migration to get the data back in but we are moving users who are on non-persistent VDI first, so that option won't really be a feasible option.