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    Chat feature

    ggarcia@marchofdimes.org Apprentice

      Hi all,

      We launched our service desk platform to staff about 6 months ago and are just getting around to investigating the chat feature/functionality.

      Unfortunately, finding resources/information on functionality seems elusive between all of the support sites and I was looking for assistance on:

      1) where I could go to find materials on these function

      2) if anyone has any experience with chat and can answer if it works well and what the experience is like

      3) finally, if anyone knows how I can enable it for testing on our dev server that would be awesome!


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          AnthonyDowns Specialist

          I can't really speak to #2 because we use Jabber / Slack for chat and will probably look at integrating one of these into Heat to use instead.



          You can enable it under the Roles and Permissions. Select the role and go to Top Level Tabs.

          If SocialBoard is not already here, you can "add new tab" and go to social board near the bottom.

          Click on "Social Board" to remove the hidden expression.

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            ggarcia@marchofdimes.org Apprentice

            Thanks Anthony, I found it and got it setup 1-2-3!

            What we were hoping for is a basic "click her to talk to our support team" type of button which we could put all over the place to allow a user to communicate with a support team and be the basis to start a support ticket.

            It doesn't look like the chat feature would allow for that.


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              AndyYCloud Rookie

              @Antony - did you get anywhere with Slack integration.


              we're starting our Ivanti SM journey (for external customers!) and as the inbult chat doesnt do what Geoff is describing thought we might be able to do something with slack?


              Would be interested in your experience