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    Breached Task Report

    bsorensen Apprentice

      I had a query that was running that was under the Task module.

      I had it set with the following


      Escalation Watch via AssignmentAssocResolutionEscWatch (0...1 : 0...1) BreachedPassed equal to True

      and it was working, now its not.


      I have a number of Incidents that are breached, and its do to a task not being completed.  Any Idea how to show the tasks that have caused an Incident to breach?

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          Greg.Kindt SupportEmployee

          I'll move this to the Service Management discussion board.

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            What's the actual query?


            Tasks and Incidents have their own Escalations. So you have Tasks that can breach, and Incidents that can breach. How are you going to track the tasks that are holding up the Incident? Is it the Incident breaching you are looking at, or the task breaching? AssignmentAssocResolutionEscWatch is only tracking tasks that have breached against their own escalations.


            You would have to first get a list of all incidents that breached. You would then have to iterate over that list to gather the list of tasks attached to each item, which also has to have a linking to Escalation Watch so you can track the tasks that breached.


            If it was only because the task wasn't completed, that would make things a bit easier.





            from Incident Inc

            Inner Join FRS_data_Escalation_watch Esc

            On Inc.ResolutionEscLink_Recid = Esc.Recid

            Inner Join Task Tas

            on Tas.ParentLink_RecID = Inc.RecId

            Where Esc.BreachPassed = 1

            AND Tas.Status <> 'Completed'