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    SSO Configuration for ISM


      Hi community,

      Could you please to explain for me the best way to implement SSO for ISM.

      I've a simple case for my customer to show SSO authorization only in ISM.

      I've a demo server with ISM based on Windows 2008 R2 Server and Windows Domain Controller.

      I need to login demo server ISM via my domain account and start ISM without any other authorisation.


      What is a best way to configure and set params ?

      Do you know how to implement SSO in Windows environment ?

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          avivaldi Apprentice

          I find very usefull this article:


          How to configure dual login into HEAT: SSO internally and form authentication externally


          Obviously you have to set the SSO configuration for all the users: flag the

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            Thanks for your reply!

            I'll check it later.

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              avivaldi Apprentice

              check also the internet option about "user authentication" to permit (or not) the automatic login to your browser with your windows credentials

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                During installation some parameters and configurable setting are present at System Configuration Wizard (like SSL and Domain Name)

                I've had installed ISM without SSL and use only HTTP connection

                Do I need also after my server join to Domain Reconfigure ISM by System Configuration Wizard for SSO operation ?

                Or I just need to configureparameters under ISM directly ?

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                  I've done by instruction described above but unfortunantely for me SSO couldn't access me.

                  I'm use FireFox and Chrome Browser to login

                  Via Chorme I've get message like




                  Saml Request validation




                  Post Url


                  Auto Provisioning


                  SamlResponse signature





                  And by FireFox

                  I've get stuck browser window.



                  My application server is not in Domain, but all of instruction steps were completed.


                  And now http://myservername/HEAT redirect to http://myservername/HEAT/WIS and I'm not able to login into system


                  What should be done to normally setup SSO ?

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                    I assume that problem with certificate, because my setting for Authentication providers is not contain certficate.

                    Please explain how to create certificate for external user authorisation ?

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                      For SSO to work you would need your Heat connect to your AD.

                      I never tried a domain-less setup for Heat; typically, the Heat server is member of a domain, and preferably (though probably not neccessarily) your Heat processes and app pools run with a domain account. Next thing I typically do is prepare an LDAP import to load AD users into Heat. The import process will (among other things) set up an appropriate Authentication Provider and as a result users can log in to Heat using their domain user name and domain password. You wouldn't want to maintain this data in Heat, I suggest.

                      This is not quite SSO. You can then define an additional Authentication Provider for WIS (and make it default), which will log in users automatically to Heat provided they are already authenticated to the domain. There might be a few things to configure in your browser for this to work.


                      Please have a look at the documentation, which explains all this in detail!

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                        Well it seems to me that I need to do:

                        1. Join my application server into domain

                        2. Find in somewhere how to create correct certificate to external authorisation

                        3. Check login via WIS


                        Right now I've jus get an error like


                        Authentication succeeded

                        Domain: MyServerName

                        Authenticated user: MyServerName\Administrator

                        Saml Request validation

                        Received an authentication request

                        Authentication request validated successfully



                        Post Url


                        Auto Provisioning

                        Auto Provisioning is disabled.

                        SamlResponse signature

                        Failed to sign the SamlResponse

                        To sign the SamlResponse upload certificate and specify its path and password in the Web.config



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                          1. yes, that' probably helpful; I would suggest to do it right away.

                          2. you don't have to deal with any certificates for SSO, Heat uses some SAML code that does all that behind the scenes.

                          3. don't understand.


                          I try in brief:

                          To be able to login to Heat a user needs an account in Heat, perhaps set up using the employee business object. Of course, the account needs a role, like ServiceDesk Analyst, to be able to do anything in Heat.

                          Heat allows for internal authentication, which basically means that Heat stores (and maintains) a userId and a password. The user is authenticated by Heat against the values stored in the Heat database. HeatAdmin is a typical example for an such internal user.

                          Heat allows for external authentication as well; in this case Heat hands the credentials of a user to an authentication provider to have them checked. In most cases this will be a domain controler which you would need to configure.

                          If you do the LDAP import, as I suggested, Heat will create user records for you and link them with the appropriate authentication provider, which it will create as well. The LDAP import will also assign a role to an account.

                          WIS is some kind of add-on to extenal authentication.

                          In all the external authentication Heat uses certain protocols, like SAML. But this is transparent to you.


                          Please, work this through wit your implementation patner!

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                            Many thanks for your response!

                            I'm going to chek my environment and login via WIS

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                              Bernd, thanks for your help.

                              I've completely done to setup SSO anything is going well with authorisation.

                              Finally I would like to know last moment.

                              Is it possible to setup timeout to session for user ?

                              For exmple user login with SSO and after 5 minutes not any activities from them. ISM need to kickout user by timeout. How it could be possible ?

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                                you can set the session timeout in the AdminUI (click on the Configure Application link top right when logged in as Admin) under Configure -> Security and Session. You may find a 5 minute timeout a bit restrictive, perhaps 30 minutes is a more reasonable approach. But you'll find out yourself.


                                Good Luck!