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    Pulling a multicast using CustJobLauncher.exe


      I am building a new program to assist me reduce the management overhead of doing certain tasks in our business.  This task will give me the ability for a machine to decide for itself on login to download a package from our landesk server and then execute it (or multiple packages).  The benefit I get using landesk to drag the file down instead of a file copy is I can harness its multicast capabilities to trickle the package down.


      (Using policies etc is no use to me as I do not know what computer will need the software at the time of creating the policy.  I have fully automated a single build for reimages which currently asks the user to contact  the helpdesk to arrange for specific packages to be pushed down. If I can finish my program this makes the single build completely automated and self sufficient.)


      I have talked to Landesk tech support and got the following command line which works great apart from 1 thing


      Command line is :'"c:\Program Files\landesk\ManagementSuite\CustJobLaunch.exe" 2 "MYApplication.ini"'


      The issue I get is my program may launch multiple jobs as the machine may need more that 1 package.  To handle this scenario I simply log the pid of the CustJobProcess and keep checking to see when it closes.  This is fine but I have come across an issue that the process seems to die off quite quickly and spawns a Custjob.exe.  I can via a script find out what the parent pid of a process is however in doing this I discvered there is more to this than meets the eye.


      It appears CustJoblauncher.exe does not spawn Custjob.exe.  It in fact seems to tell Residentagent.exe to create the custjob.exe.


      This gives me the following


      CustJobLauncher - Spawns Resigentagent.exe which then spawns custjob.exe.  I cannot back track the parents because the parent of residentagent.exe is always services.exe so there is not way to match the custjob.exe pid to the custjoblauncher.exe


      This is where my question comes about ... so dont worry if you did not understand the above fully.


      Q. Is there a way to tell residentagent.exe  or preferabley custjob.exe directly to initiate a multicast push of a script with the computer_IDN similar to the way I can tell custJobLauncher without initiating custJobLauncher.exe in the first place.  I figure there must be a way as this information gets passed all the way from the custjoblauncher to custjob.exe as I have realised in my workings of this new progam.


      (I already know the computer_IDN from interrogating the SQL db in the Computer table)


      Many thanks

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          zman Master

          Seems interesting. Can't help with your question, however, would not a user targeted policy - optional or required help you out without custom work?

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            Not really.


            I have tried getting this system to work using Landesk MGt console but I seem to struggle to get the scenario I want.


            I have created a single build that has a jobrole config utility that is ran after Sysprep builds all the drivers.  This utility will simply install all the required packages hosted on the local drive.  My issue is some packages I cannot host on the local drive / Image file as they are prone to changing versions quite often.  Because of this I opt to send the missing packages via multicast from the server.  This unfortunatly requires helpdesk intervention every time a new machine is built requiring the software.


            My aim is to remove this by allowing the build to identify missing packages and simply looking up the latest package file on the central server.  Once it has established the latest package file it will look up its own ID in the landesk DB and then execute a series of calls to the landesk server to pull these packages down via multicast.


            Landesk is a fantastic tool on our network but is not designed to provide me this level of flexibility.  However since landesk can multicast using the custjoblaunch allows me to complete my needs.


            If I cannot do this anyother way I am looking to work around by reading the log files in Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\log.  A log file starting with CJ- is created and once the job completes the result is placed into the log.  I can script around this to identify if my multicast call has completed.  This method however needs a lot more scripting than simply looking for the pid ending.


            Hope this makes sense