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    Personalize ISM Login Page

    alouhichi2 Apprentice



      Is it possible please too personalize the Login page by changing the 2 labels User name and Password and the login button


      Thank you




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          Fabian Schmidt Expert



          yes this page is configurable.

          We use the following login screen:


          The configuration can be found here:

          Configure Application --> Style Editor --> Tab: Login Page




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            alouhichi2 Apprentice

            Thank you


            Yes I have tried this before posting

            But I am not able to rename labels username something like "Windows ID" and password label something like "Windows Password"

            Something for the Login button to be able to rename in another language or at least rename it something like "Connexion / Login"


            In my case I manage English and French localization so I am looking to set a login page localizable


            Thank you

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              alouhichi2 Apprentice

              Hi Community,

              Any idea about this please ?


              Any feedback will be really appreciated

              Thanks so much



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                YMoual Apprentice

                Hi Anoir,


                Are you an on-premise or cloud customer? Seems like this can be modified from the login page in the HEAT folder in the App Server.


                I was only able to change the text-box and button labels as below:



                Not too sure if this is what you want?


                If you are an on-premise customer, go to the app server --> drive where ISM was installed\Program Files\HEAT Software\HEAT\AppServer\MVC\Views\Account e.g: C:\Program Files\HEAT Software\HEAT\AppServer\MVC\Views\Account\Login.cshtml.


                Open the Login.cshtml file with notepad++ and modify lines 17, 25, 29 and 54 as below:





                Hope it helps / J'espère que cela t'aidera .

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                  YMoual Apprentice

                  Adding to the above, please make a copy of the Login.cshtml file before doing any modifications just as a backup in case something goes wrong.