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    How to publish provisioning template to Portal?

    mlazovjp Apprentice

      I have seen references in some places about being able to publish provisioning templates in the portal.  But no matter what I do, I am unable to get it to show up in my portal.


      About the Portal Manager

      Adding items to Portal Manager

      The default Portal Manager deployment doesn't include any launchpad items. Use software distribution to add items to Portal Manager.

      Items you can add to Portal Manager include:

      • Mobile Android and Apple iOS packages
      • Universal links, streamed documents, and OS provisioning templates


      This is what I ended up doing, though it did not work.


      I created the os provisioning template and added actions.  In Distribution Packages I made a new universal package | Provisioning.  I included the template I had created before.  I created scheduled task, went into the task, associated it to my workstation, set it to policy push, kicked it off.  It shows as active in the progress window but nothing ever shows up in the Portal, even after I refresh it.  I can add and remove typical distribution packages and it is reflected in the Portal window, so I know I can get some things to work.


      I looked around and have yet to find documentation showing how to do this.  Anyone know where such documentation would be?