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    CI export had incorrect or out dated info

    Jennifer Rookie

      We have to export a list of computers for our finance department every month and everytime we do it is missing information in the department field or it has old information that I cannot find when I go into the computer details. Does anyone know to fix this?

      We are using Ivanti Service Manager 2017.3.0.30256


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          What method are you using to export the data?


          If you are seeing old or outdated information and can't find it when you look, odds are, you are pulling on a field that doesn't exist on the form. You may have some other process, like an import, that populates the field. Or had populated the field, which is why you are seeing old data.


          When building an export, the wrong field was probably selected. You can have a field called 'robot' on the database but reference the field as 'Monkey' on the form. In some cases, you have to actually find the form in the business object you are using and click on the field just to see what database field it is actually using.


          Another quick and dirty method is to compare against SQL. Do a 'select * from ci' and examine the data. First try to find the column that has the old data you are seeing in an export and then look for the column you actually want. You can then just alter your export to use the correct field.

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            Jennifer Rookie

            To export the data I use the built-in quick action on the CI workspace called CI List.


            We do not import any data, it has all been manually entered by hitting New Computer in the CI workspace. When I look at the computer details the label is Organizational Unit and the field is OrgUnit.  On the export file it is called Department.


            I don't know how to compare against SQL. I don't think I have access to that with the cloud version.