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    putting "Last updated by" into an email

    Mark6785 Apprentice

      Whithin our incident process there is an email that goes out at a certain point, here is the html for it:


      BTHFT Incident Number - {Id}<br>

      End User Contact Name - {RaiseUser/Title}<br>

      End User Contact Number - 01253 300000 ext {RaiseUser/Phone}<br>

      End User Contact Email Address - {RaiseUser/EMailAddress}<br>

      Department - {ConfigurationItem/_Department1}<br>

      Site - {_Site/_Site}<br>

      Address -{_Site/_Address}<br>

      Post Code - {_Site/_Postcode}<br>

      Serial Number - {ConfigurationItem/_SerialNumber}<br>

      Details - {Description} <br><br>

      Please click the link to update the incident <a href="mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Update: {Id}">Update</a>  <br>

      Last updated by {Last Updated By} <br>

      If you need to contact the service desk directly about this, please use the following email address:- [email protected] <br><br>



      I've added the 2nd to last line but the , what to call it? , environment variable? active something or other ? dosent work.

      The bit in the curly braces dosent work ( Last updated by ) It works fine when its a column added to an incident search query - so ive got the spelling right.

      I checked the spelling

      I checked the capitalisation

      I tried  {Last Updated By}

      I tried  {LastUpdatedBy}

      I tried  {Last Updated By/Title}


      What am i doing wrong?

      do i need {incident/Last Updated By} or something?