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    Using 'Run Program' to run Autoit scripts?

    cw30755 Rookie

      Hi, I'm new to Ivanti (running on-premise) and we're still in a pre-live environment.  I am attempting to setup some integration points (unlocking accounts, resetting passwords, etc.) and I already have compiled scripts written in the Autoit script language that do these things.  They run fine when i run them from the remote server, but I get odd results when running them through Ivanti as a QuickAction.  Is anyone else here using Autoit scripts with Ivanti?  Any advice to offer?

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          cw30755 Rookie

          Well it looks like I figured it out.  Even though i confirmed that the script is indeed running as the account listed in the Remote connection, it is somehow losing context when using a Run() command (in Autoit).  Changing the scripts to use RunAs instead of Run has mostly corrected the issues I was having.