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    WSG Exclusions

    Roger1 Specialist

      I've been troubleshooting some issues with 9660 events.  Some of the issues may be related to large files being captured.  It seems there's a 30MB limit per personalized group (unless reconfigured on the server) although I'm unsure if  WSG sub-groups are counted individually or if the parent group is what is considered for the limit.  I've since completely nuked all background and themes capture.  In digging into a few large profiles, I found some .DOCX files captured by the Explore Settings WSG (Network Location Shortcuts).  I actually had a couple documents in there myself.  Hopefully the exclusions and WSG removals will help tidy up the DB when the ProfileCleanupDelayDays kicks off.


      Re: File Exclusions - How Remove existing files from Database?

      From randyb1:

      "The Global Application Settings only apply to Application Groups, not WSGs.  So make sure you're doing the exclusions in the WSG."


      This brings me to a few of questions - EM 10.1 FR3 HF1:

      • Is there a global exclusion area for WSGs like App Personalization > Global Application Settings? 
      • If not, is there an easy way to add exclusions en masse?  And is there a recommended list for WSGs (see list below)?



      Guessing this is a good place to start for default exclusions:

      Windows Custom Settings Template - Links (with Exclusions)

























      30MB limit:

      Large amount of network traffic seen on Personalization servers and/or load balancers



      These links are what I'm looking for regarding my immediate issue of extra files being captured. 

      EM 8.6 SP1  - Windows Custom Settings Exclusion Snippets now available for download

      Windows Custom Settings Template - Network Location Shortcuts (with Exclusions)

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          Landon Winburn ITSMMVPGroup

          The limit is an IIS limit and is on a per "Sync" basis. WSGs come down in a single sync so the limit is based on all the WSGs that are conditioned true. Not only is there a size limit but also a file count limit so watch out for IE cookies and chrome extensions. IE passwords can also cause a file count limit.

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            Roger1 Specialist

            Good info thanks.  As much as I've learned and continue to learn about his product there is always more.  Looking back at the other posts, it looks like a SQL script may be the best way to get exclusions added to my WSGs in large quantities.