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    Maintain Scheduled Tasks if Services Stop/Core Reboots

    AlexGallegos Apprentice

      I've started creating more scheduled tasks on the LDMS core... a task to download my Antivirus and Patch information every day at 1 AM, one to gather my Path and historical information, a weekly report on Mondays of machines with Inventory scans older than 15 days old delivered by e-mail, etc. So far about 7 regularly scheduled tasks in all but I want to do a lot more, especially reports.


      The core server is virtualized but doesn't have failover protection unfortunately, and there have been a few times my server admins have had to take all the VMs down in order to service the physical host. When the OS comes back up, all of the scheduled tasks are stopped, with the caution sign on the icon and their status column reading "Service stopped". Is there a way to set a task to be persistent so that I don't have to go reschedule it every time this happens? Right now it's a manageable number of tasks but I'd like to get to the point where a lot of things are running automatically, and I don't really want to have to go reschedule 200 tasks every single time the OS has to be restarted.