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    Pick Lists - Constraining with value from current record?

    MarkLarvo Specialist

      Good day.


      I am really stuck on this one...


      BACKGROUND: We have several locations, with 1 being headquarters. Locations vary in size so the same department/team does not handle the same issue in every location.



      In Incident, we classify using Reported CI + Reported Reason to determine who should get the Incident. (Automation will do this down the road when we launch Self-Service.)

      • Reported CI - A constrained list of CIs. In this case EnterpriseApplication which are Active.
      • Reason for Call - A constrained list of Reasons applicable to the Reported CI chosen above.
      • Escalation Team - An auto-populated field using Business Rules based on the Reason for Call chosen above. (Right now we only have the OwnerTeam for the CI as an answer which does not suit our needs as described in Background above.)


      Incident reportedCIReasonEscTeam.png


      Here is the Escalation Matrix I'm developing. CI's + Reason = Escalation Team

      • Green Box (Operating as desired)
        • When choosing Active Directory I see two Reasons.
        • Selecting either Reason populates the correct Escalation Team via Business Rule (shown below)
      • Red Boxes (Not working, Pick List manually coded with "San Francisco")
        • When choosing ABBYY... I get the two entries in red boxes below.
        • This needs to be dynamic based on the CustomerLocation in the Incident.

      Incident Esc Matrix.png

      Business Rule - Editting

      incident Esc business rule.png



      As seen below this Pick List works perfectly for a Customer in San Francisco (with San Francisco hard-coded). However, I need this to be dynamic and read the Incident.CustomerLocation from the newly created Incident.


      The issue now lies in the first constraint below. I've tried creating a relationship between Incident and EscalationMatrix. Doing so allowed me to see the Incident.CustomerLocation field to add to the constraint. However, that did not appear to read the field for my new Incident. I assume it is due to the fact that we really aren't linking the Incident and the Escalation Matrix.



      SO? Any ideas how to feed the Incident.CustomerLocation into this Pick List? Have I over-promised?!