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    UDD not showing all devices




      My question has two parts:


      1) Yesterday I was trying to scan the whole subnet and it worked fine - it showed all devices. But today (without me editing anything) one PC is not in the list of Unmanaged devices.


      Ping from and to core server from the device is working. The only place where I see the device is in the Schedule task window under the "Targeted devices" section, but I am not able to pick it up.


      Did this happened to anybody else?


      and 2) What exactly can be displayed with the Unmanaged Device Discovery? Because on some devices it shows the hostname, OS descreption, mac adress etc., but some device display only the IP adress. Is this because of settings on particular device?




      Thank you for your advices

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          steve.may Apprentice

          Does it show in "Pending unmanaged client deployments"?  Usually that's where they end up after it's been targeted for an agent deployment.


          Pending Unmanaged.png

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            I would check in the "Pending Unmanaged client deployments" folder in your network view. Below is an example of where that is. You mentioned having the device targeted to a task - If that task is an agent deployment task, the device will be moved to that pending deployment folder and will not be shown by UDD.




            For your second question, it's important to keep in mind that we use nmap for UDD scanning when the setting "IP OS Fingerprinting" is checked in the UDD config, which it is by default. So the scan results in terms of the data gathered are entirely dependent on what nmap can gather. Usually this comes down to nmap not being able to get a good fingerprint of the target device and thus is unable to determine the OS. Other details, such as hostname, depend on DNS. Nmap does a reverse lookup based on the IP to get the hostname.


            Not getting the MAC Address is very odd though. I would double check those entries and see if there's a second entry that does have the MAC for that device.

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              Aaah, thank you, thats exactly where it was. I didn´t at each folder but searched through the search bar. Next time I´ll know.


              And the only configurable things about UDD scan are just in the "Scanner configuration" windows in the UDD tool? Or are there any more advanced settings?


              Thank you

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                For UDD, all the advanced options are in the UI, yes.


                For XDD (the passive "hey, I'm gonna snitch on this thing I saw...!" part of monitoring unknown devices), there's a few advanced options (such as what network ranges the Core should discard / note).


                See this article here -- Configuring and Installing Extended Device Discovery (XDD) Best Known Method .


                Anything in particular you'd be after, as it were?