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    Question list - Incident form offering

    nspeed Apprentice

      I am trying to build a question list for the users while reporting an inident.

      Users would use the SelfService Mobile and the Service Catalog.


      My form looks like this at the moment

      At the moment I use the VisableExpression in the form to change the shown fields - on the right, Additional

      Like I only show "Digital Radio Group" when service Digitalradio is chosen by the User.

      These fields are all in the same cell


      Problem1: It is not visable, but you can see a gap.


      Problem2: I would actualy like to add some explaination Text

      Like ID Other System would be "ID Digital Radio" and would have a hint "you find it on that page on the top right"

      other System would ofcourse have a different info .... "number"  .... "red Number on the top left"



      Ist there a better way of doing this?

      Create a new Form and Fields for every System/Service?

      Has anyone tried to create a list of questions which could be shown to the user depending on the chosen service?