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    How to hide a cause code?

    kim.martin Apprentice

      The Quick Action for "Waiting for customer" uses "Other" as the Cause Code.  A decision has been made to remove "Other" from the pick list.  The request is to add "Unable to Contact Customer". include that in the Quick Action, but hide it from users.  Is it possible?

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          So the key is understanding how the escalation engine works, when it runs it runs as Internal Services an Admin account. 


          Now we know this we can limit the "Other" value to all those who are not administrators.


          Try this and a constrain on the Cause Code pick list: 


          IncidentCauseCode not Equal to $(if CurrentUserRole() not in ("Admin") then "Other" else "")


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