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    Prompt for user to enter time delay on Wait block

    TxtEva Apprentice

      I'm using on premise HEAT.

      The scenario is that an Analyst raises an Incident for a loan device which they action, then they click the button and set it for xx days, after this time a new task is created to remind the Analyst to collect the loan device.


      I've worked out how to get a Workflow with a Wait block of x days which then creates the new task. However I'd like the Analyst to be able to change the time when they click the button.


      I’d like to get a prompt to appear and ask for xx days/hours/minutes and then that wait time is used in the work flow?  Or, if easier, the Analyst picks a date & time on a calendar and it waits until then to create the task.


      Any suggestions how I could implement this please?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!