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    Alter Validation Rule pop-up box

    AnthonyDowns Specialist

      Is there a way to alter the pop-up box used for validation rules?

      For example, the highlighted part is my message on a validation rule. Everything else just adds confusion for the end users when trying to save and is unnecessary information.

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          MarkLarvo Specialist

          Hi Anthony,


          From my research sadly no... There may be an enhancement request for this: https://community.ivanti.com/community/enhancementrequests


          As a workaround we added words in upper case letters to help draw the important information out:


          Validation Rule


          ISSUE: The Scheduled End Date/Time must be greater than the Scheduled Start Date.


          ACTION: Please update either the Scheduled Start/End Date/Time to meet this requirement.

          . (<-there is a period at the end of the message which forces another line to help with separation. A return on its own will be stripped during the save process. see below)


          Here is a rather drastic example:

          As you can see the line with the \r\n and the "."(yellow highlight) it is nicely spaced from everything else. The other lines tend to run together.


          This is the best I could come up with. Good luck! Mark

          validation rule popup.png

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            AnthonyDowns Specialist

            Thank's Mark, the return will help. I tried some HTML tags hoping to format it a little better but that doesn't work.