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    LANDesk client shows IP address of


      I have a PC where the client shows that the IP address is and I cannot contact it via LANDesk.. It isn't even in the console.  However, I can see it in AD, and I can ping it by name and see what IP address it pulls via DHCP.  How would I reestablish communication wit this equipment besides going to it and reinstalling everything manually?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          So the first question is *WHERE* does it show an IP of exactly.


          There are multiple places for network info to be held. These are as follows:

          • Number 1 ... the NETWORK.TCPIP.ADDRESS field (which is always going to be a "single value").

            This is -- effectively -- picked at random, whatever the "top bound adapter" is (which BIOS effectively randomly enumerates at boot up -- so this can/does change EVERY boot potentially!)

          • Number 2... is "an IP-address for each NIC on the system" which is under NETWORK.TCPIP.BOUND ADAPTER.{NIC#} -- and that's a single value PER NIC.


          ... now, it's important to note this main difference:

          • The TCPIP.ADDRESS value is meant as a "helping hand" / single reference value to be used. However, due to the unfortunate effect that BIOS POST enumerates NIC's differently each time the device boots, this can / will change (especially lots on a device with lots of NIC-s).

          • As a heads-up, be aware that certain OS-es do things differently here as well. A "not-connected NIC" from Linux will -- for instance -- report a Physical MAC-address of "all 00-s" but still have a MAC-address, while Windows reports IP-addresses of "" (but has no issue with MAC-s) for not-connected NIC-s. ... just so you're aware of some OS specific shenanigans to keep an eye out for.

          ... so - DEPENDING on where your IP shows, this is either a "BIOS/Windows Feature" in essence (To this day, I don't know how it anyone thought it'd be a good idea to enumerate NIC's / IP-addresses in a essentially random manner each boot-up) that we're just reporting on.


          So - that'll give you a bit more to look at / dig into. I'd be VERY surprised if your device "only" had a record of a IP somehow (given that it must've sent inventory to the Core via the network).

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