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    Related Object Fields not editable on Form

    hothotheat Apprentice



      In order to get around the 255 field limitation of the service request Business object I created a separate business object to hold the related fields (about 100)


      The relationship was created and I was able to pull those BO fields into service requests forms however when I go to enter data into these fields on the form they are not editable


      I have called ivanti but have had no luck


      Has anyone figured a way around this


      Can provide more details if neeeded


      Thanks in advance

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          Firstly what relationship did you use when setting up your related object.  It should be zero or one : zero or one as there will only ever be one record linked from memory.


          You will not be able just to pull the fields to the Service Req forms, you need to add the fields to forms on your child object.  Add a new child panel to the ServiceReq layout which is from your related object.  In the same way the problem form is called on the incident tab for example (just in this case the form would not be read only).


          If you get stuck let me know and I will do some screenshots.

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            DTurner Expert


            Resolved -Re: Request-style list on BO form

            Bumping this because I have the same issue.


            There's a previous thread of mine regarding 'List' controls on a form. The closest thing I can think of is the 'Related Objects List' control.

            So I created a new relationship to the validation object from ServiceReq:

            Then added the control to the form:

            But can't actually update anything on the form:

            I'm guessing I've set something up incorrectly as it doesn't update when I specifically link a record: