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    Previous Week Filter

    bsorensen Apprentice

      Is there an easier option for this?

      I don't want to redo a search every Monday.


      In Incidents, Tasks, and Service Request we are looking build the same table of search results.


      I am looking to have search that gives me the previous weeks update.


      Incidents - Created Incidents by Department


      I need to have the created date be the previous week and I need to make sure the Resolved Date and Time column is in the report.  To do this, I created the following

      search for week.png

      No each week I need to go back in and change the top 2 fields.


      I see there is a During option, but it only allows me to pick one date, and then errors as there is no end date.


      Anyone have an easier solution?

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          AllenV Apprentice

          You could try using CreatedDateTime Greater or Equal to $(BeginningOfWeek(-1)) AND CreatedDateTime Less than $(BeginningOfWeek(0))


          2018-03-16 09_36_08-Clipboard.png

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            bsorensen Apprentice


            This gives me a Sunday to Saturday range, which is a lot better.

            We do Monday to Sunday. 


            I thought changing to Start to (0) and the end to +1 would work, but that just gives me 1 day.


            I will play with this. Thanks!

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              AllenV Apprentice

              I think to add a day you would need to use $(AddDays(1, BeginningOfWeek(-1))) to start on a Monday and then subtract a day to end on a Sunday it would be $(AddDays(-1, BeginningOfWeek(0)))

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                bsorensen Apprentice

                THanks @AllenV

                Think I am getting closer


                Using the code you gave i did the following

                Created equal or greater than $(AddDays(1, BeginningOfWeek(-1))) - this gives me the Monday as my start !  YEAH!


                using less than or less and equal with $(AddDays(-1, BeginningOfWeek(0))) gives me the Friday, if I use the previously mentioned one i get the Saturday.

                So to make it even weirder, i figured if I use $(BeginningOfWeek(0)), but change the 0 to a 1 I would get Sunday.  Instead I get Monday.


                Back to the drawing board for the end date.