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    Multiple Landscapes in Service Manager

    blwallace Specialist

      I've installed SM 2017.2 on two servers.  I have on tenant and created three landscapes, production, staging, uat.  One server is for production, the other is for staging, uat.  I've pushed my production DB to staging and staging to uat.  I'd like to get another landscape, development, up and running.  I created the development landscape, but I don't have any option to push anything to it, as in the diagram below.

      The documentation regarding landscapes says: Ivanti Service Manager supports separate landscapes: development (also called staging), test (also called UAT), and production. You can run these landscapes on the same server or isolate them on separate servers.  The system configuration wizard shows 5 different landscapes:

      1. production
      2. staging
      3. uat
      4. pilot
      5. development


      1. Can I have a development landscape? 
        1. If so, how do I create the DB for this landscape?
      2. Can I load the demo data into this DB?
        1. If so, how do I load the demo data?
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          OpsConsole will only help you to migrate between the three 'standard' tenants Prod, Stg, and UAT. You could create another landscape group with another Prod and then OpsConsole helps you control migration within that landscape group.


          To do anything beyond that, you'll do it manually.


          To clone your Prod, take a backup of the Prod database and restore it with a new name. In OpsConsole (or ConfigDB) you assign the database name to your tenant.


          If you want to create a tenant/landscape with ISM demo data, have a look at <HEAT>\SystemConfigurationWizard\DB\AppServer\SQL\CoreApplication; you'll find the SQL scripts SCW uses to setup a new tenant. You'll have to work through SampleSaaSDBImport.bat and do a bit more than just configuring it, but in the end it will create a database that you can assign to a tenant. In ..\DemoData you'll find more other demo data; I've never looked into those in detail.


          I remember some weird behaviour when testing the different landscape types, and eventually used pilot over development.

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            blwallace Specialist

            I ran through my configuration wizard and created a development landscape.

            I restored a demo DB I have in my lab to my development DB using SQL management.  My production tenant is nova.msrs.us; staging stg-nova.msrs.us; uat uat-nova.msrs.us.  However, when I try to access dev-nova.msrs.us, I don't receive my branded login as the others, but the standard ISM login

            and no option to select anything development related.


            I don't understand why the many landscapes but only access to three of them.

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              Have a look at the development tenant's entry in your ConfigDB. Make sure that Login URL, Database settings and Landscape Type are set correctly.


              What do you mean by 'no option to select anything development related'? The 'development' tenant is nothing different from any other tenant. Don't forget to assign a Dev license file to that tenant as well.

              If you have a branded login configured in the development tenant, ISM should present it when using Login URL. Did you set an alias in either the server's .host file or in DNS?


              Three tenants will be sufficient for most situations. A staging tenant for development, a UAT tenant for (integration) testing, and , of course, a production tenant. Why would you require more?