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    worflow automation

    Voke Apprentice



      I want to create a workflow automation on the task which says


      service: network service


      category: VPN issues


      move to team: network


      The essense is that when an incident matching the above service and category is submitted, the workflow automation will move the incident to the network team


      Please who can do the above using workflow

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          AnthonyDowns Specialist

          You can make a very simple workflow on the incident BO to do this.


          Go to Incident->Workflows->Add New then give it a meaningful name

          Next, add a version to create the workflow

          For the trigger set the following in the workflow configuration.

          For the workflow, it only needs 3 blocks

          In the update object block you can set the team

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            Voke Apprentice

            Thank you so much

            I had done exactly as said


            Please how do i get to the object level condition


            I have gone to the incident object, clicked on workflow, added a new version, and i can edit and create the start update and stop block


            But i cannot seem to figure how u got to the object level condition, i can see where it says trigger

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              AnthonyDowns Specialist

              At the top of the workflow, the configuration button will open that menu for you.