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    Multi-step Software Distribution with a Reboot

    kbrooks Apprentice

      Is there a way to create a multi-step distribution which contains a reboot?


      What I want it to do is:


      1) Run an uninstaller

      2) Reboot the system USING THE SPECIFIED REBOOT AGENT SETTINGS (note, this means the 'reboot' action in provisioning or package bundle will NOT work, as it does not trigger the accepted reboot window that Vulscan does)

      3) Wait for the Vulscan prompt to time out, or for the user to select 'reboot now'

      4) Upon reboot, run an installer


      I had tried to make it execute Vulscan with the switches calling for the specific behavior I want:


      vulscan.exe /ob:RebootBehavior=<my reboot behavior ID> /rebootwithui 


      However, provisioning just moves on to the next step after it launches Vulscan, not waiting for it to finish its process.


      The 'Reboot' action for some reason isn't tied in with the Agent's reboot settings (I will be polite... I will be polite...) and only limits you to set a timer of 100 seconds.


      In the past I had to resort to some really messy methods, like copying the installer script to the runonce in registry... but there has to be a better way to do it!