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    Need help on Masquerading Office Apps

    Marjorie.Menacker Apprentice

      I have been reviewing the Best Practices section for Personalization as I'd like to create personalization caches based on environment variables to resolve issues with different environments that have different sets of Office plug-ins for Word, Outlook and Excel.  I created the MasqueradeAppByEnvVar to set up outlook in the Advanced Settings and that works fine with the environment variable set up for %masq% in the policy for the VM.  How do I do the same for Excel and Word now?  Do I just add the executables separated by semicolons?  It would look like this: Name:  MasqueradeAppByEnvVar   Value:  Outlook.exe>%MASQ%;Winword.exe>%MASQ%

      and have also added Name:  MasqueradingApps  Value:  rundll32.exe;office15\mlcfg32.cpl;outlook.exe;winword.exe;15*:  but I don't believe this has the same use case.


      It was not clear how to provide for multiple executables with MasqueradeAppByEnvVar.  Thanks.