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    Linking Services to Changes

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Good morning all


      I'm looking to automatically link Services to changes


      At the moment there is an option to select the service in the change form:



      This is just so the Owner can be added to the change to request approval.


      We have a Service tab for CMDB purposes and this therefore needs to be duplicated in there:



      Is there any way for Ivanti to automatically pull the Service (which is a predefined list) and link it to the change? I was thinking via the triggered rules would work however I can't seem to get it to link with the service name.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.


      Many thanks

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          You may be running against what a link field can't do, which is to store a text value.

          Your linking most likely isn't working as you are attempting to link a recid with a name.  (The magnifying glass is the give away it's a link field)

          There are a few things you can do to get around that. The easiest thing to do is the create a new field and use an editing rule to populate it with the name of the Service "[OtherObject]Name" when you edit that service link field.


          You could then create a business rule that watches for a change for that new text field and does a search and link based on the Name in the text field with the name of the service.

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            Dan_Mills Apprentice

            Thanks Chris


            We have problems with creating new fields as it seems to crash our UAT environment so at the moment I'm not sure how much I can test this.


            I'll speak to my manager as see if I can progress.


            Thanks for the advice.