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    Change Task for Implementation

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      I'm trying to create a task for an implementation team to complete when a change has got to approved.


      I'm having a number of issues I hope you can help with.


      The implementation team differs depending on what sort of change is raised, so the "Create Task" option in workflow is not ideal as I have to select the Owner and can't tell it to look at the change and get the owner from there.


      I've therefore "Inserted Child Object" - Task which allows me to set the owner to $(OwnerTeam) and $(Owner) however I am struggling with the Summary of the task.


      Currently it's being pre-populated as "Change Task for Implementation", the engineers have rightly said that if they have a number of tasks this is not overly helpful.


      What I'd like to do it update the Summary to have Change Number - Change Summary - Change Date/time "Implementation task", but at the moment when I try and put 2 different $(**) the formula do not work:

      I've tried having just the 1 formula and leaving the words "Implementation task" in and that doesn't work either:


      The only way i can get it to work is to have $(Subject) in the field which does pull the subject into the change:


      I'm struggling what to try next.


      Any help would be appreciated