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    Virtualising Service Desk 7.2.6

    DipeshLBH Apprentice

      Hi there,


      Does anyone have any experience of virtualising Service Desk 7.2.6 in a live environment?


      I have concerns over this given what I've heard from Avocent in the past - We have approximately 80 odd Analysts, 50 of which could be using the system at anytime,

      and 3500 Self Service users (obviously again, not all using the system at once!). We have dedicated Application, Web, SQL and Active Knowledge Servers - all of which

      I'm being asked to virtualise on VMWare.


      I'd be really intrested in hearing if you've gone down the virtualisation route and think it's a good/bad idea.



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          aparker Employee

          Hi Dipesh,


          Firstly, I am interested to know what previous information you have heard from Avocent that makes you uncertain about doing this.


          Secondly, and more to the point, you should have no problems running the ITBM infrastructure within a virtualised environment as long as the virtual machines are set up correctly and given the proper level of resources they need. There are a significant number of customer who are running in VM ESX/GSX type environments as well as in the Microsoft virtual world.


          We do not provide technical support for you to set up the virtual machines, so I hope that any of the other contributors to the community who do use virtualisation will chip in and provide specific feedback on the way they have allocated resources etc.. However, in the documentation is a lot of information about the memory and other requirements to implement ITBM. If you reproduce what you have now in virtual machines then you should be fine.



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            Hi Dipesh,


            Our environment for ITBM is all virtual.


            I spent several months resolving performance issues, but it resulted that only a few key areas needed attention. These include the CPU, RAM and OS version.


            We have a smaller usage of ITBM than yourselves, but if you are able to allocate 4 vCPU and as much RAM as you can spare, then you should not have moch of a problem. It is important to use a 64bit version of Windows so that the applications can take advantage of the allowance for extra memory.


            This is key for the web server. We run our other services on 32bit virtual servers. All of the virtual servers have a minimum of 4Gb RAM and 2 vCPU. The exception to this is the web server which as stated above, has 4 vCPU, and 6Gb RAM.


            Since making these adjustments we have not had any performance problems.


            Going virtual will also aid when upgrading the live system to a newer version of ITBM. On our test environment, I had to completely re-install as the upgrade from 7.2.5 to 7.2.6 was a complete failure. On the live system however, I snapshot the server before any changes are done, and that way if I need to roll back, it is a simple one click process.


            Otherwise we physical servers you have to arrange a larger downtime window to include the time for imaging or backing up the server.


            Just to note, we use blade servers in our VMware farm, which consists of 6 hosts in our live environment.


            I hope this helps.




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              aparker Employee

              Thanks Dan!


              That's just what I was hoping for.





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                gramsay Specialist

                We moved across to Hyper-V at the end of last year. No problems whatsoever.


                Dedicated servers for:




                2 x web


                Test (Db is on the same SQL server as live)


                I'm not a server tech but I seem to recall the web servers (and maybe the SQL) are 64 bit.

                I'm sure we were asked to leave the app server as 32bit.

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                  elizabethcombrink Employee

                  Our whole server estate is virtualised on VMWare - and despite initial resistance, its been a huge success.


                  Our database server is physical, but the application server runs TPS and all the services - and it is a virtual machine.  As far as I am aware it is the minimum spec for 7.2.4.  We did have a performance drop initially but that was because the RAM allocation had been halved when they set up the VM.  Increasing the RAM back to 4GB gave us as good as new performance again.

                  We don't use service portal very much - but there are loads of posts on how to make it perform.


                  I also had a upgrade failure at one point and the snapshot feature saved me from hours of downtime.  Also makes it very easy to stand up different development servers to test upgrades. I have 2 permanent test servers on the go - and there is no way I could have justified the cost if they were physical.

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                    DipeshLBH Apprentice

                    Hi all,


                    Thank you all for your valuable input - it's really appreciated.


                    Andy: It's noted on the Avocent site that :


                    "Touchpaper have not undertaken full testing on the ITBM suite using VMWare Server, therefore we can not with confidence add this environment to our supported platforms. We do however have some customers who have chosen to use VMWare for their ITBM installation, with mixed results.  Touchpaper continue to monitor technologies and regularly review our supported platforms. If customer demand grows for VMWare then Touchpaper will update our product and technology roadmap."


                    This was posted in Nov 08 but a comment on the article also says that Avocent's position on VMWare has since changed - it's useful to know how others have got on.



                    Thanks again


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                      aparker Employee

                      Hi Dipesh,


                      Thanks for the info about the website. I'll be getting something done about updating those comments as soon as we can. I hope that the feedback from others has re-assured you that deployment in a virtualised environment is a viable option for ITBM.