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    Hyperlink a field on the CI table  - HEATSM  2017

    kevin_smith Rookie

      Is there a way to make value in a field on the ci table a hyperlink?

      I'd like to allow users to simply click on the value entered in a validated field on the CI table to link them to a website.  Particularly for our Warranty Vendors, so if a tech looks at the asset see's a blue Vendor name they know they click on the Vendor name and it automatically opens the vendor website that we use for warranty claims.  Alternatively if it links them to an internal table that displays the information that would work as well.


      I know we can hyperlink from the list in the CI but it opens the Vendor record, techs would like to be able to do this directly from the CI not have to search for vendors.


      I'm not thinking it is possible but thought I would ask, we are relatively new users of HEATSM 2017