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    Office 2007 patches - June


      Is anyone else having issues with the Office 2007 patches for MS09_021, MS09_24 and MS09_027?


      LANDesk is detecting some of my systems as vulnerable but when they try to install, they fail with "Install (failed while running commands)".  In other systems, they install fine.


      If I try to run the patch manually (as the system account) with just the /norestart option, it comes back saying "The expected version of the product was not found on the system".  If I run a Vulscan manually, LANDesk still shows this PC being vulnerable and tries to install it but fails every time.


      It seems that the detection logic (which I cannot see by looking at the Vul. Definition) is wrong.  Can this be fixed?


      Anyone else with this problem?

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          Can you attach a vulscan log. from on of the computers that is detecting incorrectly.


          the log is located at.

          windows Xp

          c:\documents and settins\all users\application data\vulscan



          c:\program data\vulscan.

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            Attached are the logs of a PC being detected for 09-21 and 09-27.

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              The logs that you sent are not showing an attempt to install the patches.  Can you run a repair task against one of the patches. this will create vulscan log that only shows the install attempt.

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                I've put vulscan1.log to the previous post.

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                  On this machine look at registry. You will probably see a whole bunch that match this. You will have to find the one that has the version of office we are working with.




                  Look at the LastUsedSource if that is a network location then we need to make some changes to the MSI tab in your scan and repair settings so it can access that location.

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                    Actually, there is no Key that starts with 9040 in the Products hive.


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                      i forgot to add the 000021094500 in front of it. I'm guessing you figured that out because you were able to send me the key from a different computer. But I'm making sure.


                      If you really don't have any entries for office 2007 in the product hive, that would be a problem.

                      I would try the troubleshooting steps assuming you have the lastusedsource entry in there wrong. It will only take a few minutes to test it. I have linked the article explaining what to do below.



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                        I don't think it is an issue of the installation source as it was able to install MS09_024 w/o issues the day before.


                        I think the problem is with the detection logic of the defenitions.  Again, LANDesk is saying that the PC is vulnerable, it tries to run the patch and it fails.


                        If I run the patch (office2007-kb969613-fullfile-x86-glb._Kd3hA.exe /norestart) manually, I get a message saying that there are no products installed in the system for this patch to get applied to.

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                          yep it looks that way. Let me look at it a little closer on monday and i will see if we need to submit a bug.

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                            I have had a chance to look over the logs and have had our patch developers look at it as well. It looks like it's not installing because a office service pack has not been installed. The ones that I'm most interested in are 953331_ENU and 953327_ENU. the 953331 is aoffice 2007  compatibility pack. and the 953327 is for visio. I'm not sure why the compatibility pack one would be there if the machine is already running office 2007 so you might want to uninstall that one. Will you make those changes and let me know?

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                              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                              On MS09-024_INTL we have found that if Service Packs for Project or Visio are detecting as being needed that this fail to install.  Install the newest Sp for these two products and everything will be fine.



                              On MS09-027 we have seen issues where we have Office 2007 installed, but had previously install the Compatabilty Pack for Office 2007.  In some case it was not fully removed and by using the "Windows Installer Clean Up" tool we were able to nuke it, and all was fine

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                                Even i had the same issue for the patch MS09-021INTL and MS-0927INTL, i have uninstalled the comptability pack for 2007 and when i run the vulscan it was not showing as vulnerable, but it was showing under missing patches list. So i installed those patch manually and ran the vulscan now it's not showing under missing patches. Why it's still under missing patches even after uninstalling the compatability pack for 2007.