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    Dynamic Data Policy based on SDM Group membership?


      Xtraction 2016.2.6037.958 - Windows Authentication

      against CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) 14.1.04


      I have a requirement to create a data policy (if possible) that will restrict results to SDM Groups to which the user belongs (Member).  The idea here is to query the Member table under the CA Service Desk Admin\Groups data source using a variable for the login userid.  This would allow the policy to change dynamically based on changes to their group membership without an Xtraction admin manually updating their Group assignments in User Administration.  This would not require selection from the user.


      First, has anyone completed this and can give pointers?


      Second, I have a test Data Policy is which restricts the View to Inc/Prob/Req.  This works when applied to the user.  I am trying to add a Filter which uses the above Group view to look at the Member field,but am not sure how to set a Variable Filter. I've created a Variable but it is not available when I try to add it to the Data Policy filter.



      Xtraction-Variable Detail.PNG

      Data Policy Filter:

      Xtraction-Variable Not Available.PNG


      Nothing to select and cannot paste a value here.


      I've done the usual: logout, clear cache, reload data model.


      So at this point, the user is restricted to the view but can see tickers from all groups.