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    Landesk servicedesk AD Sync password passwords


      Hi Folks,


      We are using an older version on Landesk 7.7.3 I think and it's been perfectly happy and doesn't actually have a fault so don't plan on upgrading it just yet until Windows 2008R2 expires in 2020.


      Anyway we have been happily using the integrated browser login within the company network and have just decided to publish it externally for our users as the business has grown and are looking at the MS Active Directory sync for username creation as it was set up by someone else long ago and has actually worked fine in that it imports user account name correctly however they all have a blank password, so we took a look at the configuration centre and can see the import module bit etc and can see the fields it gets from AD and imports the samaccount etc but we can't figure out which field we should be trying to import the passwords from in AD - there isn't an obvious one in the list of attributes to map to the landesk password field.


      Anyone still with a memory of such an old version able to tell me what we should be using as we're a bit stuck.