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    If block

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      I am working on an Equipment Request Request Offering where customers are able to submit a request for different types of computer equipment.  I'm using check boxes for each type of equipment, and I am trying to setup the Request Fulfillment workflow with an IF Block after Start that looks to fields I've specified that would need approval if checked, and if True will send an approval out to the appropriate department manager.  My problem is that the IF Block is not working correctly, and surmising that I have not filled out the Value field correctly.  For each check box field in the IF Block I have tried a value of 1, '1', and True, and 'True', but when I test submitting the form, the IF Block uses the false exit despite checking a box in the form that would require approval.  Hope that made sense.



      Dan Johnson

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          AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

          This is the config I used today on an IF Block running from a checkbox on the form and it works, I use a True or False as the value


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            IJU Specialist

            This is how I do it as well. This should work (True or False).


            Could you post the exact configuration of the if block?



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