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    How To show all CI.Servers linked to another CI in a picklist

    ItsmCSL Apprentice

      Hi all,


      in our CMDB we have an Object which is called CI.BusinessApplication. We are using the CI Map to link all servers which are provider for a Business app. We use the ouf the box relationship for this "CiServiceMapAssocidatedCI" which is a N:M relationship to archive this.


      We are trying to create a picklist which can be used to show all Servers linked to a business application.

      I tried to use a constraint like this:

      [CI#BusinessApplication.CIServiceMapAssociatedCI]Name equals to "ITSM"

      but I got zero search results. If i leave the Equals to field empty I see a list of all servers.

      We wanted to use the new list in a request offering for making visible which servers do provide a business application. Has anybody being able to archive this?