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    External Task - Incident

    Dan_Mills Apprentice

      Hi all


      Having some issues with External task.


      When creating one we are getting the following message:



      Mobile Iron is one of our CI Services and the Services Field is pulling from the Incident itself so I don't know why it is not recognising it.



      I've discovered that if I use  a blank external task, there are no services for me to select from:


      I can't figure out how to get this populated as the picklist in Business objects looks correct


      Please advise the best way to proceed?



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          With validation errors, it's best to trace it from the root.


          Your lists may be different, but this is from an OOTB example, the same concept would apply.


          So you are given the name of the table and field to look at from the error.



          Task.WorkOrder is the object, Service is the field. If you open that business object that select the field, you will see it is validated.

          Clicking on it shows it has a constraint, "Status = Production"




          Does yours have a similar constraint? If so, is that Service set to "Production" or otherwise meet the conditions of the picklist you have defined?


          Incident uses it's own list OOTB, so if any customization was done to one, it wouldn't necessarily be done to the other unless you directly updated all the affected picklists. Which can explain why is works in Incident but not in WorkOrder.

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            Dan_Mills Apprentice

            Hi Chris


            I came to the same conclusion about 5 minutes ago! The "Status = Production" constraint was blocking the list as we use "Environment" not "Status".


            I've deleted this constraint and the pick list works.


            Glad to know I was on the right path.


            Thank you for the help!