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    Request Offering - Picklist not resolving on name but can be submitted

    JPatte Apprentice

      Request Offering - Design request form problem - when using a pick list with employee validation it can be submitted without resolving name.  The form recognizes the name but it doesn't resolve and pull in data needed to process and cancels based on workflow logic.


      For ex, when a name is entered and the name or closest names appear below the field in blue you need to select and resolve the name.  In my case when you select the name in blue to resolve, it enables a field for contractor.  However, if you enter a name and it appears in blue and you click in the white space to the right of the form and is satisfied it is a valid item - however, it is not resolved and doesn't enable the contractor field.  The form can be submitted but cancels because it recognizes the request is for a FTE (full-time employee) since the contractor field is not enabled (based on workflow).


      This seems to be a bug - has anyone noticed this behavior? Hopefully this is not too confusing...