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    emuser.exe high memory

    andrewgresbach Apprentice

      We have recently deployed our Environment Manager agents to our desktops and have noticed that the emuser.exe process starts in the 25-40mb range  but after a short while after it will climb to 200-300 mb.  In some cases i've noticed it climbing up to 900mb in use.   We use a tool called ControlUp that I use to monitor desktop resources (Xendesktop persistent desktops in our case) so I can monitor everyones processes .   I found if i restart the AppSense User Virtualization service it helps but i'm needing to do that on large numbers of desktops almost daily now to keep that number down.  I saw some reports of this process with high CPU use but that seems fine in our environment , its the memory that seems to be a killer.  We already turned off self-service since that eats up 40mb on its own so trying to keep things streamlined as possible.  Hoping someone has some advice ! thank you