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    Automating CI Excel Report to send out Via email

    hothotheat Apprentice

      I currently have an export as a quick action that exports all my server CI's and their details. This dumps to an excel file currently


      I was hoping there was a way to have this automatically run and send out to different managers on a daily interval



      I see you can do this type of action in the reporting module but I do not see anyway to generate a report that has specific CI types and their asset details


      Any direction would be appreciated



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          Your best bet would really be a SSRS report exported in XLS or CSV format. That would give you the most flexibility and ability to run them on an interval in the desired fashion.


          You can accomplish some of what you are looking for with the 'Export to Excel' action, but it can't pull in linking information and scheduling, if possible, would rely on ScheduledEntries. In terms of linked data, this means that if the 'asset details' are from linked items to that CI, this won't work. If the details are directly on the record that is being exported, you just add that field to the export.


          To report on specific CI types, just create a saved search of the desired type and select that search in the quick action. You can export excel or csv files directly from reporting.



          I find the report to be the easier route. Create a query with the desired fields and just add a table to the report and output the results there.


          select * from CI where CIType = @CiType




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